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5 Tips Minimalist color palette for hame

Tips Minimalist color palette for hame,   Thes choice of house paint colors is one of the jobs that must be maximized in the construction of a minimalist home. 

The goal is to beautify the interior of a minimalist home. In a way, the determination of color is the final touch that determines what the appearance and comfort of the dwelling will look like, it all depends on the choice of paint color.

The better the selection and combination of color paint, the level of beauty of the house will be more beautiful.

Knowing the right house paint color is one of the keys to making a house look stunning. Especially if Mother's house was built with a certain concept.

One thing that should not be arbitrary in choosing the color of house paint, so that the color selection is right, you pay attention to several factors, ranging from a combination of wall base paint, room models, to fur colors.

In minimalist homes, paint colors generally use colors that are not too bright but always look modern with a simple and beautiful impression to look at

 To keep the color stable, choose a neutral color that is not eroded by changing trends. But it all comes back to your taste.

Instead of being confused, check out the tips for choosing paint colors for a minimalist home below.

Summarized from the Better Homer source, here are the tips:

Tips for choosing the right paint color for a minimalist home

1. Blending Wall Textures with Decorations

This step is the most important in choosing colors, you can display the desired minimalist home concept.  The tip is to choose the most preferred color palette model to combine, so that the home decor stands out.

Don't worry about flexible changes to the furniture and furnishings at home, as this is able to attract the attention of the interior elements shown.

2. Repeating Colors

Repeat colors on the exterior of your home for a more cohesive appearance. For example, use greenish-gray paint on the windows and front doors of the house. 

This method is able to create a stunning pale yellow tinge without dispelling the original color.

3. Use Natural Color Combinations

Home landscapes can also provide a lot of beautiful color textures in your minimalist home.

You can see and observe the landscape of the house to imagine the best idea by combining

For example, green with summer vibes, or reds, browns, and golds that equal autumn charm.

4. Combine Light and Dark Colors

This method can also combine bright and dark colors to display balance. For example, use 2/3 dark color and 1/3 light color to blend it.

You can try combining brown with white, this dark brown color with lots of white accents makes it look contrast, but will forever give the impression of a bright room.

On the other hand, avoid using colors that really match, bro. Because this can actually cause the appearance of the house boring.

5. Use Wood Layer Color

Adding wood elements can also be displayed on the visual walls of the house. For example, the color is like a wood stain, which will later create the appearance of a warm plus cozy home

Use this color model on the roof or deck. So that the color of the wood gives a warm appearance to the minimalist home architecture.

You can use the five tips above to get beautiful paint colors for a minimalist home. You can also try other colors for your minimalist home. Good luck and good luck

Those are tips for giving color to a minimalist home design that can beautify your home room