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7 Furniture Suitable for Minimalist Homes

Home is everyone's destination, of course, comfort is always sought.

There are many things that make us comfortable in the house, one of which is a house with the right selection of furniture and neatly arranged.

However, for Mama who just got a house and with a new life, this is the right time to start rearranging furniture. 

It doesn't matter if the house we live in has a minimalist size.

Of course, to avoid mistakes in arranging furniture, you should first measure the space of the house to make sure that the furniture that will be installed is according to size.

And not only that, make sure to also choose lighting as the main point of spatial planning as a balance.

In other words, we have to be smart in optimizing a minimalist room as well as possible. 

Although the size is limited, here are the furniture references for a minimalist home:

1. Sofa

A living room that is not large in size can be handled in the right way, especially the placement of the sofa because the seating is comfortable, the appropriate sofa model can boost the appearance of the interior of the house.

Well, Mama can choose a sofa without armrests and one that fits the size of the room.

2. Coffee table

In addition to the sofa, Mama can also add a coffee table in the living room.

Choose a table made of teak wood with a duco paint finish.

The price is not cheap, but worth the price, much more sturdy, and easy to maintain.

3. Insert a mirror for the illusion of a spacious room

Want to make the room look spacious? Mama can install a big mirror.

If you want the room to look bright, you can try installing a mirror opposite the outside window.

From there the sunlight that illuminates the room will be reflected back by the mirror.

You can also use the vintage style for the mirror model.

4. Dining table

The presence of a dining table is as important as the presence of a sofa.

The dining table certainly functions as a place to put food and a symbol of family harmony.

For the selection of the dining table itself, there is a breakfast bar, pedestal table, and a dining table with sawhorse legs.

5. Cabinets for a minimalist kitchen

A small kitchen does make room for movement is limited. Mama can use a special trick, namely using a U-shaped cabinet.

You can also use a mirror as an efficient back splash material, this mirror will reflect shadows from the room around you and as a result the kitchen looks wider. 

6. More beautiful with a flower vase

To add to the impression of a beautiful nature in your new home, you can also add ornamental plants or flower vases.

Make sure the ornamental plants in the house are exposed to sunlight.

If the plant is far from the window, you can also choose other plants such as cacti or bonsai. 

7. Add wall accessories

Since the minimalist home room is relatively small, Mama has to deal with it as well as possible.

Walls that look empty, Mama can decorate them with wall decorations to support the beauty.

For the concept of a small room, wall stickers are perfect for giving a lively impression to the living room. 

Make sure Mama's house looks slick with designs and additional furniture that fits the room.