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Get to know the Vintage Interior Concept and its Inspirations


It is undeniable that interior design is one of a person's priorities in choosing a residence.

Although most like the minimalist and modern interior concept, a few people actually look for other styles that are no less unique. One of them is vintage style.

At first glance, we might imagine the vintage interior theme as something old and out of date.

In fact, this one interior style can be combined with modern designs.

So that you get to know more about the characteristics and design examples, this article will discuss important things related to vintage interiors in homes.

What is Vintage?

The notion of vintage in the interior of the house is closely related to the use of furniture from the previous generation, namely to create a pre-contemporary impression on the dwelling.

The vintage style depicts the glamor of the 1940s area, a design that offers nostalgia by incorporating antique elements into it.

In other words, vintage means a home interior style that aims to cherish memories by creating a classic atmosphere.

Characteristics of Vintage Interior

As previously explained, the main characteristic of a vintage interior is the old-school impression displayed in the house.

This impression can be highlighted through the use of materials, selection of accessories, to the furniture used.

Generally, the basic material or material for a vintage theme is wood, with an old-fashioned or old-looking model.

Vintage designs are also usually dominated by soft colors or pastel colors. Such as salted egg green, light blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, and aquamarine.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are other characteristics of vintage interior design, namely:

Application of unique motifs and shapes on a number of objects

The presence of retro-style electronics

Model bed with mosquito net

Wall decoration with carved edges

A lamp with a distinctive pattern

Floor coating with an old school impression

Various ceiling shapes.

Next, let's discuss some vintage designs in home interiors that can be used as inspiration.

5 Vintage Design Inspirations for Home Interiors

Modern Vintage Home Design

One trick to apply a contemporary vintage design is to combine new items with old furniture.

Interior stylists call this vintage concept “Modern Vintage.”

There are no strict rules for mixing these two styles, it all depends on the impression you want to show on your home.

For example, a contemporary leather sofa combined with vintage cabinets and chairs.

You can also put an old rustic textured cupboard in a minimalist vintage room.

The two ideas can certainly be a dynamic combination.

Vintage Interior with Industrialist Touch

Not only modern style, you can also combine vintage style with other styles. One of them is the industrial house style.

In this case, you can connect the rustic impression attached to vintage furniture with industrial designs.

For example, combining metal furniture that is slightly rusty, such as shelves or factory lamps with solid colored office chairs.

The result is amazing, which is a vintage home interior with a combination of beautiful colors and textures.

You can also look at residential urban industrial style, if you are reluctant to arrange the interior of your own home.

Two interesting recommendations to choose from are Almeria Premiere Cimanggis and Freja at BSD City.

Vintage Decoration as Main Focus

Don't hesitate to make vintage furniture the center of attention in vintage interior design.

You can bring a vintage theme by placing classic furniture as a focal point in the room.

A clear example can be seen in the photo above. Not only does it look antique, a warm impression is also present in the interior.

Colorful Sofa as Interior Vintage Decoration

You can also apply the vintage concept with a sitting sofa of various colors.

If you are afraid of looking tacky or clashing with colors, you can choose a sofa with a colorful pattern.

Even if you don't have one, you can choose a sofa with a warm color that matches a neutral table like brown, white, and black.

That way, the vintage concept in the residence will look more elegant and luxurious.

Vintage Concepts in Home Kitchen

As we are aware, electronic equipment is increasingly looking futuristic and attached to a minimalist style.

Well, if you want to apply a vintage style without having to remodel the room, you can install retro-style electronics.

Now there are many electronic items that look antique, even though the product is still relatively new.

Tips for Applying Vintage Interior Design

We have discussed various things about vintage style in home interiors, from terms, characteristics, to design.

However, there are still many people who don't know how to arrange a house to give a vintage impression.

Instead of looking antique, mistakes in arranging vintage decorations will actually make the house look shabby.

Therefore, it is important to know the right way to apply vintage interior design to your home to make it look contemporary and timeless.

Here are seven tips for applying vintage design to your home:

Combine old furniture with new items

Add indoor plants

Use wooden furniture

Cover the floor for a warm impression

Use vintage furniture as a focal point

Give lighting with a dim yellow color

Install a vintage patterned wallpaper.

That was a brief explanation of the vintage interior of the residence. In addition to vintage style, you can also look at other interior styles.