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Tips on Caring for Hardwood Floors for All Residentials

The floor is the most important element in the interior of the house, there are many types of floors to choose from.

One of them is a wooden floor that is able to provide aesthetic value and various benefits that can be felt.

The use of wooden floors can be applied throughout the concept of the house. Starting from the concept of traditional to modern houses.

Because the wood material brings a homey and warm impression. In addition, for its quality, it is very durable and environmentally friendly.

To keep the wooden floor durable and the color does not fade. It's a good idea to first identify the type of wood floor you are using before carrying out routine maintenance.

Types of Wood for Hardwood Floors

Oak or Oak

Oak is one of the woods that has durable characteristics. This type of wood is the most popular compared to other woods.

Because the price is cheap and easy to get. And also very suitable for traditional style houses.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is lighter in color and pattern and has a uniform texture than oak.

This wood is very durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This wood is also not easily scratched or scuffed. It is very easy to maintain.


Mahogany wood has a hard texture with small pores, this is why mahogany is very good when used as furniture.

However, this type of wood is not resistant to pests and requires regular and extra care.

Hickory Wood

If you want a wood style and feel that is similar to oak and harder, hickory is a good choice.

Hickory wood comes from America.

Naturally, wooden floors made of hickory wood have a strong durability and last a very long time.

It is also more resistant to scratches and dents. For colors ranging from dark brown to light reddish brown.

Hickory wood floors are generally used for country-style houses or farmhouses.


Although technically bamboo comes from the grass family. Bamboo deserves to be lined up among wood flooring types because of its quality and beauty.

Bamboo deserves a place among hardwoods for its appearance and durability.

Bamboo doesn't have a hard texture like teak, maple, or mahogany but it's also not as soft as ironwood.

The use of bamboo material for the floor of the house is cheaper than hard wood.

Bamboo flooring lasts about 25 years.

The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Do you have hardwood floors or are you just looking to install them? If so, you should also know how to care for wooden floors to keep them durable.

How to clean it should not be arbitrary. In fact, using the wrong broom and mop can actually damage the wooden floor.

Here we will describe the right and wrong way to treat hardwood floors.

Prepare Tools and Equipment

Furniture Pads to Protect the Floor

All types of wood have different characteristics as well as for the care and maintenance of wooden floors.

If you have heavy furniture and lots of it, it must leave marks on the wooden floor for quite a long time.

Especially when cleaning the floor, it will automatically move things by pulling and a lot of dust hiding in between the furniture.

This will scratch or chip the wood floor. You can also use furniture protectors for wooden floors, such as sliding wheels that make it easier to move things.

Or you can use similar furniture cushions that you can buy at online stores.

Choose the Right Broom

Maybe you think using an ordinary broom can clean the dust that sticks to the wooden floor.

It doesn't matter, as long as you don't use a hard broom like a stick broom. Because it can cause fine scratches on the wooden floor.

However, there is a more recommended cleaning tool, namely a microfiber broom.

This microfiber broom model is a fiber cloth that can attract a collection of dirt such as dust, hair, or animal hair.

This broom has the appearance of an elongated broom head, in order to reach the corners of the floor.

For days you'd rather not deal with a vacuum or for smaller, cluttered rooms, there's always a broom.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a good old fashioned fur broom. However, there are more efficient tools available to sweep your floors in half the time.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

One way that you can do to keep wooden floors clean is to use a vacuum.

We recommend looking for a vacuum specifically designed for hard surface floors.

Look for a vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction power and is light when used.

You can try a vacuum cleaner that can clean dust automatically.

Besides being efficient, this method makes it easier for you without having to bother removing a heavy and large vacuum.

Use a Microfiber Mop

Do not use a regular mop to clean wooden floors. Because wooden floors retain water and can cause annoying water stains.

A microfiber mop is like a vacuum cleaner that attracts dirt on the floor. Then this mop holds moisture while cleaning the floor so there is no attraction of water to the wood.

Get to know Wood Cleaning Specialty Products and their Alternatives

To clean wooden floors, make sure you use a little water to avoid damage.

If necessary, use a floor cleaning product that can protect the floor and make it shine again.

There are many options for these products and adjust to your type of wood floor finishing.

In the use of special cleaners for wood floors, there are things you should pay attention to.

The most important thing is that the cleaning composition must be pH-neutral and specially designed for hardwood floors.

If your floor has a wax and oil finish, you should avoid cleaning products using water.

Look for products that specifically provide wood floor cleaners according to wood finishing.

In addition to using a special cleaner, you can use water with a mixture of laundry soap as an alternative.

But be sure to thoroughly clean any soap residue with a microfiber mop and wipe dry.

Soap water mixture should not be shaken and foamy should mix gently and carefully.

For this use the water used must not contain hard water, chlorine and mineral deposits.

We recommend using distilled water or it could be hot water. Because distilled water will not change the color of the wooden floor

5 Powerful Steps to Clean Wood Floors

Have you prepared tools and special cleaning products for your favorite wooden floor?

If so, there are several steps that must be followed in order to get a wooden floor like the first time it was installed.

Start getting rid of furniture and heavy items by using bearings or furniture wheels so that you are free to clean floors to areas that cannot be reached. The use of this tool can make it easier to move furniture to a narrow space

Use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris under furniture and along wall corners. Repeat up to two times.

After the vacuum is finished, it's time to mix the concentrated liquid with water into the spray. Follow the label instructions for use. Before starting to spray the cleaner all over the area, it's a good idea to try it in a corner of the room. Wait a few moments, then clean.

You can see the reaction, whether there is a change in color or bubbles appear on the floor surface. To anticipate whether the cleaning fluid is safe or even make the wooden floor damaged.

When it feels safe, you can apply the cleaning fluid throughout the room using a microfiber mop. Clean the hardwood floor in a one-way or backward motion with the figure eight. This technique is very effective for removing the remnants of dust and dirt.

If the floor looks wet, use a cleaning cloth with a soft lint. If it's raining, use air conditioning or a fan to speed up drying

6 Ways to Avoid Damaged Wood Floors

After finishing with the steps to clean wooden floors properly.

You should also know the things not to do for wooden floors.

Avoid cleaning products that contain solvent-based ingredients, alcohol, vinegar, ammonia or bleach

Do not use materials that contain oil and wax (wax)

Avoid using a scrubbing machine to polish wood, especially those containing materials such as sandpaper

Avoid using too much water

Do not use a steam mop because it can make the floor moldy and water spots appear

Avoid direct contact of cleaning fluid with the floor

Avoid using a broom stick or a hard broom

Well, those are tips and tricks for caring for wooden floors in your home. It is mandatory to do this cleaning at least with a broom or a mop.